Our goal is to enhance learning opportunities for all children by recognising each child’s unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.



We understand that parents are busy and have a lot on their plate, so we provide stress-free admission process that takes typically about a week to complete.



We have a curriculum that is designed to equip your child with all the skills and knowledge needed to advance to the next level academically.


Talent Development

Whilst we aim to ensure every child reaches their full potential academically, they are also taught to identify and develop their God-given Talents to the fullest.


The Children Are The Focus

The children are at the centre of everything we do and our aim is to give them the best opportunities that we possibly can.


We Promote Innovative Learning Environment

Life at DANKAMF is never dull, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make learning enjoyable and challenging.


We Provide Equal Opportunity For All

We educate every child to the best of his or her ability. Equality of opportunity is fundamental to our school ethics.


We Promote Self-Confidence And Self Esteem

The aim of our school is to encourage each child to develop an inner self-confidence founded on respect for other people.